What to Expect on The Race Day

Survival Guide

Race Information

  • There will not be any baggage deposit.
  • For qualifying rounds, each team has to send one representative to race within a stretch of 30 meters.
  • The timed results will then divide teams into 2 categories.
  • The teams that have the best timing will proceed to a Category 1 (90-minute race), while the remaining teams will go on to a Category 2 (60-minute race).
  • Teams in Category 2 (60-minute race), please gather at the holding area at 14:00.
  • Teams in Category 1 (90-minute race), please gather at the holding area at 15:15.
  • No baggage is allowed at the Pit Stop Area.
  • Racers must always have their helmets on as a form of identification to enter the Pit Stop Area.
  • There will be no re-entry into the Pit Stop Area for racers who have completed their respective Category of the race.
  • All racers must always have their protective gears on at all times during the race for safety reasons.
  • All second and third racers of each team are required to be on stand-by at their respective Pit stops areas.
  • Ideally, each racer is encouraged to change over to other team member after each lap.
  • Please remain seated on the racing chair at any point of time on the race track.
  • Water points are located in the intervals between Pit Stop 1, 2 and 3.
  • Please proceed to our First Aid Station at any point of time if any of your team members or yourself require any immediate medical attention.